The Wild Hunt.


  • Wûtas & Tibetréa - live!


  • Finally it’s happening!


  • Another recording day!

    Fenk on the bagpipe, take two!

    Fenk on the bagpipe

  • 2nd recording day

    The second studio day was also successful! The drum tracks for the new Wûtas album are recorded. At this point a big thank you to Markus Huber from Plugged Records. This is going to be awesome!


  • 1st recording day

    We had a very successful 1st studio day. Great compliment to Glût. All drum parts should be done by tomorrow. Stay tuned. We will keep you up to date.

  • A day in the studio!

    We are currently working on our new album.

  • Medieval Festival

    We had an amazing time performing at the Medieval Festival at "Böhmischer Prater" in Vienna and are looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our upcoming gigs.


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Wûtas stands for all the archaic powers of nature.
If “the Wûtas” was arriving, nobody knew what would happen. Sometimes it made presents, sometimes it treated you cruelly.
Sometimes insufferable noise, sometimes lovely music, that bewitches dangerously ... like our music!




Wylde-Fantasy-Folk-meeting (mit Ballycotton) Postgarage Graz, Steiermark
CHTHON – Festival Strombauamt Greifenstein/Niederösterreich
MIROQUE VII– huscarl-events Viperroom Wien
wylde-folk meets fantasy-folk Die Hexe Gröbenzell/ Bayern
Medieval Night Freiraum St. Pölten/Niederösterreich
Wave-Gothic-Treffen Heidnisches Dorf/Sachsen
FEUERTANZ FESTIVAL Burg Abenberg Nürnberg/Bayern
VEITSTANZ - Wien Szene Wien
Steinegg rockt - Festival Steinegg Bozen/Italien
Festival musica antiqua viva Spectaculum mundi München/Bayern

alone ...
in the dark of the woods whispering winds, cracking trees the stories of old come to your mind
remember what your grandfather told you ...
... about the Wûtas ...
... the Wild Hunt!

Line Up

Wûtas is a wylde folk band from Vienna, Austria.
Fans refer to their music as „wylde folk“. Archaic tunes, deeply rooted in European folklore evoke stories about sinister creatures, man and nature, love and death – all the myth and legends found in the secluded valleys oft he Alps. Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Flutes, Overtone Singing, Bass and Drums combine traditional folk instruments with temporary acoustic Rock.
Loose yourself in the music and travel the forgotten path of storytelling.
  • Rank

    Bagpipe, Hurdy – Gurdy, Voice, Bouzouki

  • Fenk

    Bouzouki, Bagpipe, Voice

  • Tonika

    Low Whistle, Flutes, Bombarde, Voice

  • Hagl

    Bass, Mandoline, Overtone Singing, Voice
    further projects: umnachter project, Ballycotton, Acoustic by Nature

  • Glût

    Drums, Percussion, Voice

Wûtas (spoken: Wuotas) is an alemannic word and means “the wylde hunt”.
It has been used and is still used in the alpine regions.
The Wûtas represents various beings and you can find its myths all over Europe.


Loose yourself in the music and travel the forgotten path of storytelling!
  • Rau

    New album (2016)

  • Fan Edition

    sold out

  • 1st album


A ghostly band of demons, hunting the night sky, would either bring you suffering or unearthly gifts.
Enchanting music or storming rage, you never knew which face the Wûtas would show you ...

... like our music!



"The mixture of archaic rythms, diverse voices
and the ability to cover the range from ballads to wild screams deserves a listen."

"A memorable concert. Fans demanded encore, even after the DJs started their set."

"Authentic, traditional music, well interpretated."

"Join a danceable journey into a world of myth and ancient Gods.
Wûtas is your guide."


Sonic Seducer

"Mitreissende Rhythmen zeichnen die Band seit ihren ersten Auftritten aus."